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The obvious strategy when making a purchase is to seek out the lowest price. But prioritising price over cost-effectiveness is not the best approach when selecting an IT system for your business.

Cost-effectiveness is a measure of result achieved against resources used. Only a company that both designs and integrates solutions can guarantee you an adequate return on your investment.

A cost-effective IT system requires a coherent and global approach to planning and design. Then, once installed, your system needs to grow and develop along with your organisation. Our service packages help you safeguard your finances by pooling costs while giving you regular access to Digital Services Ingénierie's expertise and all the latest technological developments.

Our service packages

We offer a range of service packages suitable for organisations with up to 150 users.

Many businesspeople imagine that IT investment means spending enormous sums on burdensome equipment that will be obsolete within a year or two. While bigger companies with 1,000 and more employees can negotiate preferential prices for large orders of leading-edge equipment, small businesses have much less leverage. As a result, many such companies choose not to invest in technology at all, depriving themselves of a major growth driver.

We believe that small businesses are entitled to the best solutions too - but these solutions must be suitable for their requirements and their budgets. Our small business solutions are the result of our experience and our knowledge of the specific needs of small businesses. By way of example, our packages include:

- Equipment and service solution rentals. Our three-year rental package, for example, comprises server, Terminal Server licences, office equipment, a VoIP PABX switchboard, software and server maintenance. We update our equipment every three years, so you always have a state-of-the-art system and high performance equipment. This complete package also comprises administration of your information system, which means that our technicians define an incident recovery plan for your organisation, implement software updates, apply patches, back up your data, etc. Payment for this service is in the form of a fixed fee which stays the same unless you request a change to the service.

- Solutions hosted at our data centre for companies with a small number of employees and few applications. For a very low monthly fee, you get three years' access to a top-of-the-range server, application hosting and a range of associated services.

In short, our solutions are designed to help you get the best possible service for your investment. They have the advantage of helping you safeguard your finances and give you a clear idea of your technology costs. And most important of all, our solutions are flexible: at Digital Services Ingénierie, we work closely with our customers to find the best solution for them.

We prefer made-to-measure solutions over the kind of off-the-peg products that force customers to fit in with them, sometimes with difficulty. Instead, we work hard to ensure that IT tools are tailored to the needs of users.

Published: 11-15-2009

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