Before called Terminal Server Edition or Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a technology available in Windows Server 2008 R2.

Remote Desktop Services makes it possible to run an application or an entire desktop in one location, but have it be controlled in another. With RDS, you can install and manage session-based desktops and applications, or virtual-machine based desktops on centralized servers in the data center; screen images are delivered to the users, and the users' client machines, in turn, send keystrokes and mouse movements back to the server.

When using Remote Desktop Services, administrators can present users with an entire desktop environment, or with their individual applications and data which they require to complete their task. From a user perspective, these applications are integrated seamlessly looking, feeling, and behaving like local applications.

RDS's benefits :

-  Accelerating desktop and applications deployment

-  Help secure data and applications

-  Increase remote worker efficiency


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TS Schéma
TS Schéma
Published: 11-15-2009

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